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X-TREME Dimensions
When simple color just isnít enough, take your projects to X-Treme Dimensions™! These dimensional glazes are great for funky personalization of your projects, such as outlining, squiggles, dots, stripes and more! X-Treme Dimensions™ come in 8 nontoxic, outrageously speckled colors and are equipped with a larger, clog-resistant writer tip for easy-to-squeeze application. Use them over and under glazes for extreme effects!
How to use Duncan X-TREME Dimensions
1. Apply with squeeze bottle.
2. Maintain steady squeeze pressure.
3. For greenware application, fire to shelf cone 04. Apply glaze, stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.
4. For bisque application apply over glaze that has dried or under a glaze. Let XTREME Dimensions dry before glaze application, then stilt and fire to shelf cone 06.