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Duncan Quik-CrackleŽ
Looking aged is all the rage! Use Quik-CrackleŽ to antique your nonfired pieces with ease ... It’s perfect for creating that cracked-wood or aged pottery look!

Quik-CrackleŽ is a nontoxic, water-soluble medium that you can use between two nonfired, water-based colors to crack the top color and reveal the basecoat, giving your piece that delightfully refined appearance!

How to use Quik-CrackleŽ
1. Base coat piece with OS Opaque Acrylics, Ultra Metallics or Liquid Pearls.
2. When base coat is dry, apply a smooth, even coat of Quik-CrackleŽ. Clean brush immediately with water and Duncan Brush Cleaner, making sure no Quik-CrackleŽ is left in the metal ferrule. Let Quik-CrackleŽ dry for 20 mintues to one hour. Quik-CrackleŽ can set overnight and the same exciting results will be achieved.
3. Working quickly, use a clean, soft brush to apply an even coat of a contrasting top-coat color over the dry Quik-CrackleŽ. Choose top-coat color for best results from the Bisq-Stain Opaques line. Once the top-coat color has been applied, do not reapply more color after cracking starts. Cracking time may vary from color to color. Wait a few minutes for cracking to start.
Duncan Non Fire SP 401 QUIK-CRACKLE
SP 401
2oz -$2.55
8oz -$7.35