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Item #: AA-LBM -

Same as Long Beach clay, minus the iron colorant. Fires buff to off-white.

Nara 10
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Item #: AA-Nar -

Superior porcelain body. Has many of the attributes of an English grolleg body while avoiding the expense of imported clays.

Cafe Cinco
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Item #: AA-CAF -

A medium coarse clay body. Fires a warm buff in oxidation and a beautiful medium brown in reduction.

Frost 10 Porcelain
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Item #: WC-896 -

An exceptionally white and translucent throwing porcelain for Cone 10.

Black Mountain Sculpture
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Item #: AA-BLKSC -

Black Mountain modified with more tooth

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Item #: AA-DIX -

The Coarsest – The Finest. This is the ultimate sculpture body for cone 5. Rich rust brown in oxidation.

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Item #: AA-KENJI -

Another old standard. Ken’s original porcelain formula.

Sonora White
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Item #: AA-SENO -

Smooth, off white clay. Excellent for functional ware.

Long Beach Blend
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Item #: AA-LONG -

Beautiful warm brown clay with medium texture. A long time favorite.

Nara 5
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Item #: AA-NARA5 -

Aardvarks best cone 5 porcelain. Very white with great throwing qualities.

Coleman Porcelain
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Item #: AA-COL -

A true grolleg body developed by Tom Coleman. Excellent fit with most glazes. Vary translucent when thin. Great for large pieces. Probably the best domestically produced porcelain you will find.

Black Mountain
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Item #: AA-BLK -

A deep Brown/Black clay, medium in texture. Great for the wheel.