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Clay Shrink Ruler
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Diamond Core Tools Item #: CSR -

The handy Shrink Ruler from DiamondCore Tools is a one-of-a-kind, innovative way to measure the shrinkage of your clay. This flexible, two-sided plastic ruler has four clay shrinkage percentages to aid in matching lids to bowls and other projects where an exact match is crucial, such as lids for a casserole dish, cookie jar, etc. The photos here show both sides of the same ruler. One side shows 6% and 10%, the other side shows 12% and 14%.

Klay Extruder
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Kemper Item #: IKEG -

Slab Mat
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Stone Leaf Pottery Item #: SM -

SlabMat is the smooth alternative to canvas. The non-woven surface is ideal for working on clay. SlabMats can be used as a handbuilding mat, or run through a slab roller.

Under Glaze Applicator
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Amaco Item #: UA -

These applicators allow the creation of fine or medium lines, dots and letters with Amaco underglazes. Create an unlimited array of designs utilizing line and dot patterns on ceramic pieces with AMACO underglazes and these applicators. Two needle sizes allow you to make medium or fine lines, dots and letters. They may also be used with certain glazes.

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Pottery Texture Queen Item #: PTQ 01 -

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Pottery Texture Queen Item #: PTQ 02 -