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8-11 Buff 35
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IMCO Item #: IM811BU -

8-11 Buff 35 is a premium wheel clay formulated with IMCO ball and kaolin clays plus a select 35 mesh grog. 8-11 Buff 35 has excellent plasticity and green strength. Very good drying characteristics and maximum resistance to thermal shock helps insure a higher than average recovery of finished pieces. Fires to a light grey cream in oxidation and a deeper speckled grey buff in reduction.

8-11 Red 35
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IMCO Item #: IM811RD -

8-11 Red 35 is a companion product of 8-11 Buff 35, but contains clays with higher natural iron content to produce deeper reduction firing tones. 8-11 Red 35 is made with a select refractory 35 mesh grog giving a versatile body with great strength. This is a premium wheel clay designed to meet the needs of both the student potter and studio production work. 8-11 Red 35 fires to a buff grey in oxidation and to a toasted red in reduction. ...

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Laguna Item #: WC-370 -

An outstanding, all-purpose, orange/brown, moist body. Has fine sand and is a difficult body to crack during firing. Durable and affordable. Good for professional or student. Reduces a warm orange/brown, lighter in oxidation.

B-Mix 10
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Laguna Item #: WC-379 -

A premier, cream-white, throwing clay that is easy to throw and form. Excellent glaze results. Fires gray/white in reduction and lighter in oxidation. Smooth porcelain texture.

B-Mix 10 with Grog
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Laguna Item #: WC-893 -

The substitution of a very fine grog for the sand in B-Mix with Sand provides a smoother fired texture and less speckling.

B-Mix Red with Grog
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Laguna Item #: WC-891 -

A medium sized grog version of our popular Cone 10 B Mix clay body with the addition of Red clay to achieve a warm Brown color. Very forgiving during drying and good for forming larger sized objects.

B-Mix with Sand
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Laguna Item #: WC-380 -

The addition of 10% fine feldspathic sand allows for a body with some texture. Fires gray/white when reduced and off-white when oxidized, some speckling may occur.

B-Mix Wood Fire
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Laguna Item #: WC-899 -

A specially formulated version of Laguna's popular B-mix body for wood and salt firing. Takes Salt and Soda well and exhibits very nice flashing characteristics in wood firings. Holds up well in Cone 12 atmospheric firings.

Big White
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Laguna Item #: WC-381 -

A gray/white clay with large throwing properties. 60 mesh sand and 30 to 60 mesh grog allow for strength. Fires gray in reduction and light buff/white in oxidation. Also excellent for Raku.

Black Mountain
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Aardvark Item #: AA-BLK -

A deep Brown/Black clay, medium in texture. Great for the wheel.

Black Mountain Sculpture
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Aardvark Item #: AA-BLKSC -

Black Mountain modified with more tooth

Bravo Buff
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Clay Planet Item #: BRAVO -

A superb all-around clay body. This long-standing recipe is renown for it throwing characteristics for large or small work. Bravo Buff is a unique, premium body with a warm, light-buff to gray color with no iron spots, even in reduction. It can be thrown quite thin and is also excellent for tall pieces. One of our most popular clays with professionals for its tall throwing and sculpting properties. ...