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Red Velvet Cone 5/6 (Navajo Wheel)
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This is a fluxed up version of our Navajo Wheel Clay making it vitreous at mid range temperatures. Fires slightly darker than Navajo Wheel regular but has the same great throwing characteristics.

50/50 Mix
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Item #: IM5050 -

50/50 Mix fires to a natural reddish tan color in oxidation and a medium red brown under reduction. 50/50 mix combines the clay's of Quarry Tile and Sculpture Mix plus a 80 mesh grog resulting in a smooth creamy plastic texture. An excellent wheel clay.

Dragon Fruit
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Item #: IM-DRA -

Stoneware 1-C
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Item #: IM1-C -

Stoneware 1-C fires to a sandstone color in oxidation and a brown in reduction. Stoneware 1-C contains a fine silica sand to make an excellent smooth textured wheel clay which will produce vitreous stoneware pottery within the temperature range of an electric kiln. Stoneware 1C will give the appearance of a cone 10 reduction clay body when fired to cone 5 in oxidation.

06 Buff
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Item #: 06Buff -

06 Buff is formulated with local western clays mined and processed by IMCO. 06 Buff fires to a very light cream color. This clay body has exceptionally good plasticity and is well suited for many types of fired modeling projects. 06 Buff can also be used on the wheel.

Sculpture 412
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Item #: IMSC412 -

Sculpture 412 has the same rugged qualities as regular Sculpture Mix. A finer 35 mesh grog has been substituted for the coarse 20 mesh grog giving the clay a smoother texture with easy handling and throwing qualities. Sculpture 412 is a truly fine, all purpose sculpting and throwing clay. Considered by many studio potters to be the best raku clay body available today. Sculpture 412 fires to a soft buff color in oxidation and a toast tan in reduction. ...

8-11 Red 35
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Item #: IM811RD -

8-11 Red 35 is a companion product of 8-11 Buff 35, but contains clays with higher natural iron content to produce deeper reduction firing tones. 8-11 Red 35 is made with a select refractory 35 mesh grog giving a versatile body with great strength. This is a premium wheel clay designed to meet the needs of both the student potter and studio production work. 8-11 Red 35 fires to a buff grey in oxidation and to a toasted red in reduction. ...

Red Velvet Regular Cone 8 (Navajo Wheel)
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Item #: IMNAV -

Navajo Wheel is a blend of IMCO clays selected to produce a smooth textured plastic red clay. Navajo Wheel is an excellent wheel and hand building clay where a deep red tile color is desired. An excellent clay for school. This clay is made of local clays, having traveled an average of 35 miles from pit to our pug mill. This clay was originally designed as a cone 6 body but as the clay has changed in the pits Navajo Wheel now vitrifies at cone 8 (this change occurred around 2015)

Sculpture Mix
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Item #: IMSCLP -

Sculpture Mix is a very plastic body using a high percentage of super duty refractory 20 mesh grog, giving this body a rugged strength from start to finish. Sculpture Mix is excellent for slab construction and recommended for sculpting where small or large pieces are required which will not slump. Sculpture Mix can be thrown on a wheel for those requiring that extra toothy clay. Highly recommended for raku firing. ...

Stoneware #5
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Item #: IM-5 -

Stoneware #5 fires to a medium buff in oxidation and a toasted tan in reduction. Stoneware #5 contains a fine silica sand formulated to produce an especially good wheel clay and rugged vitreous stoneware pottery. Recommended for dinnerware. A favorite of many professional studio potters.

8-11 Buff 35
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Item #: IM811BU -

8-11 Buff 35 is a premium wheel clay formulated with IMCO ball and kaolin clays plus a select 35 mesh grog. 8-11 Buff 35 has excellent plasticity and green strength. Very good drying characteristics and maximum resistance to thermal shock helps insure a higher than average recovery of finished pieces. Fires to a light grey cream in oxidation and a deeper speckled grey buff in reduction.

Red Velvet 35 (Navajo Wheel)
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Item #: IMNAV35 -

Navajo Wheel 412 is an outstanding throwing body, especially formulated for the studio potter as well as the production potter. Navajo Wheel 412 contains a 35 mesh grog that lends good structural strength enabling the potter to throw tall forms and still retain smoothness while throwing. A rich red tile color at cone 5 or 6 and a dark brown can be acquired with a moderate reduction at cone 5.