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PC Layering Packet
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Wax Resist
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Product Description AMACO Wax Resist Apply to greenware or bisque to "resist" application of glaze, slip and underglaze. Wax Resist is Non Toxic. This wax emulsion, when applied on greenware or bisque as a method of decoration, "resists" application of glaze, slip and underglaze. Available in pint or gallon jars. Wax Resist now has a coloring agent to make it easier to see during application. The color will burn off during firing. Safety Warning Tableware producers must test all finished ware...

Under Glaze Applicator
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These applicators allow the creation of fine or medium lines, dots and letters with Amaco underglazes. Create an unlimited array of designs utilizing line and dot patterns on ceramic pieces with AMACO underglazes and these applicators. Two needle sizes allow you to make medium or fine lines, dots and letters. They may also be used with certain glazes.

Bisque Fix
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9" Round Hump
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10 3/4" Salad Plate
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13" Dinner Plate
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Handles Mold
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