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Kiln Cement
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Cracks and chips in kiln refractory can be permanently sealed with AMACO® Kiln Cement. 1 lb jar is a premixed liquid. The prepared cement is ready for immediate use. When mixed with coarse grog or pieces of refractory, cement may be used to repair large holes in firebrick. WARNING: Do not allow direct contact with elements and electrical wiring.

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We also want to ensure you have all of the necessary information to keep your product covered for the life of the warranty. To register your newly purchased equipment with AMACO/brent, complete the form below within 6 months of the purchase date. We hope you enjoy your new purchase!

Clear Crackle
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Amaco Dry Kiln Shelf Wash
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AMACO Kiln Shelf Wash Products & Accessories Kiln Shelf Wash prolongs kiln shelf life and makes glaze drippings easy to remove. Kiln Accessories > AMACO Kiln Shelf Wash (1 lb. jar, 4 lb. carton) (40 lb. dry) 40 lb. dry with CL seal is restricted from use K-6 (ASTM D-4236/LHAMA) AMACO® Kiln Shelf Wash is used to coat all shelves prior to a glaze firing. With a 1/16" thickness, life of shelves is prolonged and glaze drippings are easy to remove. Available in three sizes. ...

Chai Matte
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Fitch Fan
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Useful for smoothing and blending. These brushes have a flat ferrule and spread hairs which are made from very soft hair making them perfect for the application of glazes and underglazes. Useful for smoothing and blending colors, as well as adding textural effects.

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