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Grogzilla Sculpture
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Item #: Gzilla -

GROGZILLA is an extremely heavy duty buff sculpture body with hellmer kaolin, 4 types of grog, heavy sand, and feldspar inclusions make this the most textural and interesting clay body for large scale sculpture available for potters today. Best suited for cone 10 and beyond. Exceptionally well suited for wood firing, soda firing, salt firing! Can be wheel throw if you have experience in extremely groggy clay. ...

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Item #: CINN -

A high-iron throwing clay with excellent plasticity and thermal shock characteristics making it especially suitable for functional ware. It has light grog and a fine sand to provide strength with a reasonably smooth finish. In oxidation, it is a warm orange buff hue. This darkens in reduction to an orange-chocolate brown while maintaining its warmth. Good for raku as well!

Icelia Porcelain
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Item #: ICELIA -

A true Cone 6 domestic porcelain of superior quality. Fires bright white and throws better than any mid fire porcelain we know of. Pounding this clay or wedging it prior to throwing definitely brings out its softness and higher plasticity

Orion Stout
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Item #: ORION -

A light colored (off white at low fire, and a warm yellow tan at cone 10), and strong clay body. It contains 25 percent fine to medium grog and sand (almost twice normal stoneware) - enough for extra strength yet fine enough for throwing. This clay is excellent for throwing large pieces as well as for sculpture, raku and other situations demanding extra strength. It's lighter stoneware color and amazing handling makes it an ideal school ...

Low Fire White
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Item #: LFW -

A superior pure white low fire earthenware clay for school and professionals alike. Plastic enough for wheel throwing; also fine for hand building. Very popular for children's handprints, school projects. A very smooth, easy to work clay.It may be fired to Cone 1 for even greater strength. When fired to cone 1-2 it has a ring and vitrosity similar to a Cone 10 stoneware body.

Bravo Buff
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Item #: BRAVO -

A superb all-around clay body. This long-standing recipe is renown for it throwing characteristics for large or small work. Bravo Buff is a unique, premium body with a warm, light-buff to gray color with no iron spots, even in reduction. It can be thrown quite thin and is also excellent for tall pieces. One of our most popular clays with professionals for its tall throwing and sculpting properties. ...

Smooth Sculpture
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Item #: Smsclp -

SMOOTH SCULPTURE CLAY, is a high fire sculpture clay blended to be smooth, yet strong. Fires off white. It sticks well to itself for fine detail sculpting, with extra fine grog. The addition of 200 mesh Mullite & Kyanite create the perfect SMOOTH clay for sculpting, with lower shrinkage, and greater warp/crack resistance. Smooth Sculpture also throws well!

Santa Cruz White
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Item #: SANTA -

A unique smooth white clay blend high in plastic ball clays. It is a smooth, very plastic, porcelain-type body successfully used for both small and medium-large functional wheel thrown ware.

San Jose White
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Item #: SJW -

A similar formulation to Low Fire White but with grog and sand added to produce a stronger, true white earthenware clay body. May be fired to Cone 1 for even greater strength.

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Item #: GLACIA -

A unique porcelain throwing body with translucency comparable to much more expensive bodies that use imported Grolleg. Through the use of several domestic kaolins, this porcelain not only exhibits great whiteness and translucency, it also has plasticity and throwability rarely found in a porcelain body without the undesirably high shrinkage. Great Price for a high quality porcelain. Glacia is very popular clay with professionals. ...

Venus White
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Item #: VENUS -

Venus is a highly plastic smooth midrange white stoneware with EXTRA FINE grog so smooth you can't even feel it.Superb for wheel thrown functional ware. Also great for slab built small & medium size work. Fires bone white, with great density & strength.

Terra Cotta
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Item #: TC -

Versatile body. At Cone 06 it has a pleasing earthen color (not pink) with about 9% absorption, making it an ideal general purpose school clay with light grog and sand. At Cone 2 it is a true classic Terracotta color and about 5% absorption.