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Dover White
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Laguna Item #: WC-877 -

This Cone 5 white stoneware body is excellent for medium pieces as well as dinnerware. The addition of fine sand gives a great deal of strength to this plastic body. Fires off-white in oxidation and gray in reduction.

Dragon Fruit
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IMCO Item #: IM-DRA -

Electric Brown
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Laguna Item #: WC-866 -

This clay was designed specifically to achieve a rich brown color when fired in an electric kiln. It has good strength for both wheel throwing and handbuilding. Contains 60 mesh sand so the texture is slightly coarse. We do not recommend that Electric Brown be fired in reduction.

Frost 6 Porcelain
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Laguna Item #: WC-437 -

An exceptionally white and translucent throwing porcelain for Cone 5-6.

Half & Half 5
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Laguna Item #: WC-402 -

The Cone 5 answer to Laguna's well-liked Cone 10 Half & Half. By combining equal amounts of white stoneware and porcelain, Half and Half is a very throwable white body that is off-white in oxidation and a light gray/white in reduction.

Hawaiian Red 2
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Laguna Item #: WC-365 -

A red, slightly coarse clay with excellent working properties for wheel throwing and handbuilding. It is talc-free and contains sand, making it suitable for medium sized forms. Cone 5 oxidation produces red/brown and reduction color is dark red/brown.

Icelia Porcelain
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Clay Planet Item #: ICELIA -

A true Cone 6 domestic porcelain of superior quality. Fires bright white and throws better than any mid fire porcelain we know of. Pounding this clay or wedging it prior to throwing definitely brings out its softness and higher plasticity

L.B. 6
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Laguna Item #: WC-393 -

A Long Beach type body with 60 mesh sand and color provided by manganese dioxide. Fires gray/brown when reduced and light gray when oxidized.

Moroccan Sand
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Laguna Item #: WC-400 -

A long time favorite casting slip, Moroccan Sand is now available in a similar Cone 5 pugged body. Light beige fired in oxidation, the body is quite vitreous, ideal for throwing functional ware, and is complimented by a full palette of Laguna lead free glazes.

Nara 5
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Aardvark Item #: AA-NARA5 -

Aardvarks best cone 5 porcelain. Very white with great throwing qualities.

Obsidian (Cassius Basaltic)
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Aardvark Item #: AA-CAS -

Very Black, Ebony like finish. Satin smooth-striking in appearance. Super slow bisque fire is needed to eliminate bloating at cone 5 and 6 Rate, Temp, Hold 60, 180, Until completely dry. 200, 600, 0 240, 1300, 0 60, 1650, 0 360, 1850, 0 108, 1922, 0