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Aardvark Item #: AA-KENJI -

Another old standard. Ken’s original porcelain formula.

L.B. 6
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Laguna Item #: WC-393 -

A Long Beach type body with 60 mesh sand and color provided by manganese dioxide. Fires gray/brown when reduced and light gray when oxidized.

L.B. Blend
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Laguna Item #: WC-376 -

One of our most popular clays, Long Beach Blend is an excellent, very fluid throwing clay which is also extremely popular for throwing open forms—small to large. It is brownish-pink in its raw form, light brown reduced and buff in oxidation. The formula includes iron and 60 mesh sand.

Laguna Flameware
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Laguna Item #: WC440 -

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Aardvark Item #: AA-LBM -

Same as Long Beach clay, minus the iron colorant. Fires buff to off-white.

Long Beach Blend
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Aardvark Item #: AA-LONG -

Beautiful warm brown clay with medium texture. A long time favorite.

Low Fire White
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Clay Planet Item #: LFW -

A superior pure white low fire earthenware clay for school and professionals alike. Plastic enough for wheel throwing; also fine for hand building. Very popular for children's handprints, school projects. A very smooth, easy to work clay.It may be fired to Cone 1 for even greater strength. When fired to cone 1-2 it has a ring and vitrosity similar to a Cone 10 stoneware body.

Miller 550
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Laguna Item #: WC-631 -

Made primarily of English Grolleg. Contains plasticizers to make this the finest translucent porcelain available for throwing, thin slab work and hand building. Excellent white color. Has become the standard in the Northeast U.S.

Moroccan Sand
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Laguna Item #: WC-400 -

A long time favorite casting slip, Moroccan Sand is now available in a similar Cone 5 pugged body. Light beige fired in oxidation, the body is quite vitreous, ideal for throwing functional ware, and is complimented by a full palette of Laguna lead free glazes.

Nara 10
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Aardvark Item #: AA-Nar -

Superior porcelain body. Has many of the attributes of an English grolleg body while avoiding the expense of imported clays.