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Nara 5
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Aardvark Item #: AA-NARA5 -

Aardvarks best cone 5 porcelain. Very white with great throwing qualities.

Obsidian (Cassius Basaltic)
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Aardvark Item #: AA-CAS -

Very Black, Ebony like finish. Satin smooth-striking in appearance. Super slow bisque fire is needed to eliminate bloating at cone 5 and 6 Rate, Temp, Hold 60, 180, Until completely dry. 200, 600, 0 240, 1300, 0 60, 1650, 0 360, 1850, 0 108, 1922, 0

Orion Stout
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Clay Planet Item #: ORION -

A light colored (off white at low fire, and a warm yellow tan at cone 10), and strong clay body. It contains 25 percent fine to medium grog and sand (almost twice normal stoneware) - enough for extra strength yet fine enough for throwing. This clay is excellent for throwing large pieces as well as for sculpture, raku and other situations demanding extra strength. It's lighter stoneware color and amazing handling makes it an ideal school ...

Paper Clay - Ivory
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IMCO Item #: IMPAP -

Ivory is IMCO's sculpture clay body with paper fiber added to produce a light weight clay with incredible green strength. Ivory P’Clay allows the sculptor to attach dry to dry, wet to dry, and even wet to bisque. In some instances, the green strength of the piece is so high, it does not need to be fired. Ivory P’Clay fires to a cream color in oxidation and a tan color in reduction. Recommended for sculpting and hand building. ...

Pearl Cone 5
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Laguna Item #: CN-4110 -

Porcelain Five
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Laguna Item #: WC-395 -

Smooth, very good throwing, vitreous Cone 3 to 5 porcelain. Excellent results with gas or electric firing. Gray to off-white in oxidation.

Red Calico
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Laguna Item #: WC-881 -

The clay body is a rich red version of our Calico clay. Fires brick red in oxidation and red/brown in reduction.

Red Velvet 35 (Navajo Wheel)
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IMCO Item #: IMNAV35 -

Navajo Wheel 412 is an outstanding throwing body, especially formulated for the studio potter as well as the production potter. Navajo Wheel 412 contains a 35 mesh grog that lends good structural strength enabling the potter to throw tall forms and still retain smoothness while throwing. A rich red tile color at cone 5 or 6 and a dark brown can be acquired with a moderate reduction at cone 5.

Red Velvet Cone 5/6 (Navajo Wheel)
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This is a fluxed up version of our Navajo Wheel Clay making it vitreous at mid range temperatures. Fires slightly darker than Navajo Wheel regular but has the same great throwing characteristics.

Red Velvet Regular Cone 8 (Navajo Wheel)
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IMCO Item #: IMNAV -

Navajo Wheel is a blend of IMCO clays selected to produce a smooth textured plastic red clay. Navajo Wheel is an excellent wheel and hand building clay where a deep red tile color is desired. An excellent clay for school. This clay is made of local clays, having traveled an average of 35 miles from pit to our pug mill. This clay was originally designed as a cone 6 body but as the clay has changed in the pits Navajo Wheel now vitrifies at cone 8 (this change occurred around 2015)

Refractory Clay
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Laguna Item #: WC-895 -

Low expansion, semi-coarse high temperature body for refractory use. Best refractory quality when fired at Cone 13.

Rods Bod
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Aardvark Item #: AA-Rod -

A light to medium tan clay with distinctive speckling.