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Venus White
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Clay Planet Item #: VENUS -

Venus is a highly plastic smooth midrange white stoneware with EXTRA FINE grog so smooth you can't even feel it.Superb for wheel thrown functional ware. Also great for slab built small & medium size work. Fires bone white, with great density & strength.

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Laguna Item #: EM-217 -

This clay has been specifically formulated to be a very smooth, slow drying clay for modeling. It is used primarily by design studios and the entertainment industry for modeling, design, mock-up and tooling. Not formulated to be fired.

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Laguna Item #: EM-210 -

This is an all-purpose, smooth modeling clay. It is an excellent clay for beginning techniques such as coil and slab building. The white color makes it an ideal clay for use with low fire glazes.

White Art
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Amaco Item #: No.25 -

White Art Clay is an extremely plastic low fire clay that is ideal for wheelthrowing, handbuilding, and modeling. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for all skill levels. AMACO® glazes maturing at Cone 05 and decorating colors are recommended for decoration AP (Approved Product) seal in moist form CL (Caution Label) seal for safety in dry form Fires white - allows opaque and transparent glazes and underglazes to retain their true color and brilliance Wider firing range - from Cone 04 to...

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Laguna Item #: EM-342 -

This low fire, white earthenware body has good throwing qualities and fires very strong and white.

Whiteware with Grog
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Laguna Item #: EM-347 -

Same clay as Whiteware with grog added. A favorite in classroom and excellent for both hand building and wheel work.

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Laguna Item #: WC-879 -

A grolleg kaolin formulated Cone 10 porcelain excellent for large or small forms. Translucent when construction is thin and fired to Cone 10. The color is white in oxidation and off-white in reduction.

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Laguna Item #: WC-389 -

An interesting light gray body with fine sand. A Cone 10 (and higher) clay which fires off-white in oxidation and gray/white in reduction. Also good for Raku at low temperature. Care should be taken at high fire use in functional ware. Slightly open body even at Cone 10.